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Secret Tips to Enhance Your PHP Website Performance

Secret Tips to Enhance Your PHP Website Performance


By Prince N –

Your website is the face of your business and it is the prime means of communicating with the audience and keeping them well informed. Simply creating a site and leaving it to perform on its own will never lead to success. It is important to consider various factors, so that your website performance is enhanced and the end users are satisfied with it. Primarily, it is important to understand the actions that are essential to enhance the efficiency of the server side PHP code of your site. But the question is why do you need to do this?

PHP is the most popularly used service side scripting language used to create flexible, robust and powerful sites using various frameworks. Most leading brands like Facebook, Pinterest, Wikipedia boast to use PHP development as it serves as the base for CMS like Drupal and WordPress. So, if you are willing to enhance the performance of your PHP web application, then here are a few relatively quick and easy checks that you need to perform to boost the performance.

Keep an eye on APIs: Most of the applications leverage APIs, but in many cases you don’t have control over the APIs that are remote, so you can’t do anything about their performance. But you can mitigate the effect of their performance in your code by using various techniques like caching API output or by making API calls in the background. Your main target should be to protect the users from a failing API and make sure that you are always prepared to display your application’s output even without the APIs response.

Cache in on OPCache: PHPs main strength is that it is interpreted into executable codes that are called opcodes. This helps in fast development without waiting to compile the code with every change that is made. Recompiling the identical code each time makes the process inefficient and slow. To solve this, opcode cache is used, which are PHP extensions that save the output of complied code. So when in future, it runs, PHP checks if any changes are made, and then it runs the cached copy of the code.

Delays in the database: Database accounts for about 90% of the measured execution time for any PHP application. Hiring PHP developers make sense who can review the codebase for all instances of database access. Check all the slow SQL logs and fix the slow SQL queries. Try to find out the same queries that are executed multiple times. Fixing them can noticeably reduce the database access time and increase the performance of the site.

Filesystem Snafus: There are various in and out processes of your file system, so PHP development company should study your file system to detect any kind of inefficiencies that you looked for even in the database files. Some time-consuming processes include reading local files, processing XML, using filesystem for session storage and image processing. Check for any codes that causes file stat to happen and work on it.

Thus, to conclude we can say that following the above tips can help to boost the performance of your website and meet customers’ expectations. Optimizing the functions, focusing on proper codes and adopting the right caching technique can surely make a difference in the performance.

PHP development is a leading software development platform that makes it safe and easy for the developers to build a project and make it more dynamic and reliable.

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