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Importance of Keywords in Domain Names

Importance of Keywords in Domain Names



A domain name plays a very important role in a company’s branding, in building the customer’s impression of the site and in some cases, it also helps to improve the site’s rankings in search results. Thank to the increasing number of people who use the internet these days, it has become very important to use keywords in domain names in order to ensure that your site performs well. Keywords in the domain name can add an advantage to your site.

Importance of keywords

A phrase is considered to be a keyword when a large number of people search for that particular phrase in search engines. These words give business owners an idea of what people are searching for online. The chances of a person clicking on the link of your site and visiting it increase to a great extent if your site shows up in the search results when someone looks for a keyword. Your website will practically not exist for your users if it does not show up in search results when someone searches for a related keyword. While search engine optimization can help you improve your site’s rankings and help it to show up in search results, if you have a keyword in your domain name, it will increase the chances of the site ranking better greatly.

Uses of domain keywords

  • Increases the visibility of the site considerably. Keywords will also give your customers and consumers an idea about what your site focuses on and what kind of business you deal in.
  • They are the simplest form of advertising your product and services online. If you keep relevant keywords in the domain name, it can help you generate more traffic to your site.


Advantages of domain keywords

  • Most of the times, when people link to a website or share its URL on social networking sites, they will share the domain name. At such a time, if your domain name contains a keyword, then it will act as the linking text to your website for all the incoming links. This will help your site’s SEO a great deal and will contribute towards increasing its rankings.
  • Your domain name will speak for your site and its business if you include keywords in it. It will increase the chances of getting better business.
  • Using keywords in the domain name will help you stand apart in the large online industry. It will help people distinguish your site from other sites that offer similar products and services.


Disadvantages of domain keywords

  • If you have a very big business website, then adding just one keyword in your domain name may not do you any good. Your focus will be on increasing the rankings of all the keywords if you want a site as large as yours to do well and it may not be possible for you to include all these keywords in the domain name.
  • You may not get all the results that you expected from your site’s rankings if you use long tail keywords in your domain name.


SEO is a field that is constantly undergoing some change or the other. It is important for you to be aware of the various changes that take place in this field in order to be successful in the online world. Using the correct keyword in your domain name will be one of the best ways to achieve this. Your domain keywords can become a part of your marketing strategy and can help you generate a lot of traffic to your site. As far as possible try and speak to your domain registration company about using a keyword rich domain name for your site so that you can ensure that even your domain name contributes to the site’s rankings in some way.

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