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Cloud Storage – Easiest Way to Sync Files Online

Cloud Storage – Easiest Way to Sync Files Online



Cloud Storage is a technology which enables storing data online. Instead of buying additional storage and investing in infrastructure, you store your data on the web servers owned by cloud service companies.

Nowadays companies are moving to cloud to get a variety of benefits and add-on features. You can access your data 24*7 from any location and with any device provided you have an active Internet connection. It supports multiple devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. With Pay Per Use Service, you only pay for the storage that you use. You can expand the storage and add more space anytime by requesting the company. Everything is virtual and the technology is invisible to naked eye.

A group of people can work on the data simultaneously. As a part of the group, you can view the documents, make live changes and publish comments. The changes are automatically updated and reflected on the other end. You can also view and restore previous versions of the documents. You can specify how your files will be accessible to your colleagues- through a custom private link or with special permissions granted from your account.

One advantage is that it saves your disk space. You do not need to buy additional storage devices such as external hard disk, USB disk drive and CD/ DVD ROM. Indirectly, it improves the computer health and performance. You get access to the data while travelling as you don’t need to carry any storage device.

Cloud technology companies provide several security features such as password protection and file encryption. They are meant to secure and safeguard your data against data thefts and hackers.

The companies provide you a synchronization software. You can use the software to manually upload the documents. You can also set-up a backup schedule to automatically synchronize files and folders on a specified time interval. The files and folders are automatically synchronized on specified time interval or as soon as major changes are made. No one likes to lose data because of computer crashes and other problems. With Cloud, you don’t have to worry even if your computer stops working. You can simply log-in to the Internet with a different device, download and restore the complete data.

You pay for saving disk space and keeping your data secure. You really do not need to be a tech savvy person to use this technology. Cloud is a better way to keep your data safe, mobile, collaborative and eliminate headaches. It adds more capabilities without investing in new infrastructure and space.

Sign-up for a cloud service, install their sync software, point the files/ folders to keep synchronized online and set-up an automatic sync schedule. Check out DomainTree’s great value Cloud Storage Solutions by CLICKING HERE

Smital Vadhavkar is an IT Professional. In her spare time she writes articles on topics related to computer and technology. Her special interests include computer diagnostic and system optimization.


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