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Two Good Reasons To Get One of the New Generic Top-Level Domain Extensions

Two Good Reasons To Get One of the New Generic Top-Level Domain Extensions


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There are at least two good reasons why you should get one or more of the new Generic Top-Level Domains. First of all, the Com you think you need is gone. Secondly, now is your chance to make up for those opportunities you feel you missed.

Is there still anyone out there naive enough to doubt the truth behind the statement comprising reason number one, “the com you think you need is gone?” You have probably been trying to get your hands on that perfect com for years, but its present owner–a legitimate business person– is already making money on it and has no intention of ever letting it go. Or what is worse, the domainer (call him a domain troll if you like) that owns it and hundreds of others just like it that he doesn’t ever intend to use, won’t let it go for less than… well, many thousands of dollars. Much time and energy has been wasted on various Internet forums discussing ways to wrest away those multitudinous coms held under the cyber bridge by the domain trolls and to divvy them up in a more equitable manner. It seems unlikely that any method will ever be found that will allow everyone to get the com they think they must have.

Reason number two, now is your chance. This opportunity is what you say you have been waiting for all these years; these new generic Top-Level Domains make for a new paradigm in Internet addresses. The future of domain names is up for grabs again! You were too young or too broke to pick up the best domains back in the ’80s and ’90s–and anyway, who knew the value potential in domain names at that time? By the new millennium it was too late. Keep in mind that the determinative word in reason number two is “chance.” Just as no one could have known back then how prices would skyrocket; no one can be sure that the new domain extensions will catch on. But this is the chance you missed last time for one reason or another. And how often do you get two chances at the gold ring?

So there they are, two good reasons to register one of the new Generic Top-Level Domains. Forget the Coms; the one you want will likely never be yours! And this is your chance, maybe your last chance for that successful Internet business you’ve always thought you’d been deprived off because you lacked the right domain name and extension.

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