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The New Internet & how it will change your business

The New Internet & how it will change your business


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The New Internet

Transition to the ‘New Internet’ is well and truly underway, courtesy of the hundreds of new gTLD’s (general Top Level Domains) that have flooded onto the market, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for the world’s millions of business owners.

Whilst it’s way too early to be calling time on the traditional .COM and .NET domains that are still the primary choice for millions of web owners around the world, they will become increasingly less relevant over time, as the ‘new internet’ changes the way customers search for your website on the internet.

One of the biggest immediate issues that has been addressed by the New gTLDs is the shortage of .COM and .NET Domains that were available. In recent years it had become increasingly difficult for business owners to secure the name they really wanted, because those domain names were often already taken and therefore a business owners only choice was to either compromise on the domain name they ultimately registered, or pay exorbitant prices to cyber squatters (someone who buys a domain recognising it’s intrinsic value, without intention of using it themselves, for later resale & profit).  Now that the New Internet has arrived, instead of registering abcplumbing.COM, customers can instead register abc.PLUMBING and in the process gain two main advantages:

Firstly, with so many new gTLD extensions to choose from, you’re much more likely to secure the name you’re really looking for. Secondly you the message you’re conveying to both customers and search engines is that you are a plumber, dramatically increasing the chances of a customer who is looking for a plumber, finding your website!

So what’s the future hold for ccTLDs (country code Top Level Domains) ?

Country Code Domain names such as .COM.IT (the ccTLD for Italy) will always have their place on their internet. If you’re a small business who only services customers within your own country they’ll remain a perfectly valid domain registration option. However in a world that is increasingly becoming part of a global economy, some business owners no longer want to convey the perception that they only sell within certain geographical boundaries and this is where the options provided on the new internet will eventually win businesses over.

How much time do business owners have to get ready?

If you haven’t already started planning a web strategy to take advantage of the New Internet, you should look to do so as soon as possible. Already hundreds of new gTLDs have been released and snapped up, as the early adapters are seeing the changing tide and jumping on the bandwagon now. If you are business owner, this is quite literally the biggest opportunity they will be presented with since the internet began.

Imagine for a minute that your business sells shoes. By registering a .SHOES domain you’re sending a clear marketing message to potential customers that your business sells shoes and they instantly know that they will find shoes on your website. You may not quite be ready to put all your eggs in one basket and may wish to start off having a .SHOES website in additional to your main website or even redirected to your main website, so that you can test the waters. By doing this you will have dramatically increased the probability of a customer finding your shoe website amongst the thousands of other shoe websites fighting to gain visibility, so from a very basic Marketing viewpoint, it makes good business sense.

Then for the more creative Marketers out there are the endless Micro Marketing possibilities that begin to open up. You could decide to set up special offers and competitions or even micro market different aspects of your business. For example you may decide to register a .EMAIL domain for use on all your email accounts, or a .TIPS Domain explaining to your customers how they can get the most benefit from your products, services or industry. Here in the DomainTree office, we’re often amazed at how creative some customers are. We’ve seen registrations such as Ire.LAND,  physician.DIRECTORY  mindandbody.CLUB and wellness.TODAY

The options these new gTLDs have opened up are literally only limited by your imagination.

Which new gTLDs should I look to register?

This is largely going to be determined by your individual business and what your ultimate marketing goals are. Some of the new options that are proving popular with DomainTree customers include:








You can visit the DomainTree website to see the full list of gTLDs currently available by CLICKING HERE

If you’d like to learn more about the new gTLDs, click on the link below to watch the video.






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