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Choosing and Implementing the Right gTLD Domains for Your Business

Choosing and Implementing the Right gTLD Domains for Your Business



The Internet is a sea of information and offerings and a unique identity and strategy is required for businesses, entrepreneurs, communities and governments to make a distinctive presence felt on the medium. Your brand’s name could be the starting point for your global footprint on the Internet!

In fact ICANN has understood the need to address the presence of competition in the online domain name market and has brought new generic top level domain names (gTLDs) for businesses and other properties to choose a name of their choice and one that reflects their business.

How do you identify the right gTLD domains that resonate with your business and differentiate you from your competitors? Further, what are the best practices involved in implementing gTLDS?

How SLAM can help you with your gTLD strategy

For businesses looking to develop effective online strategies, building an online brand and differentiating from the competition is an effective step. This is where owning a gTLD domain relevant to one’s business comes into play. However, a domain name is merely the starting point for developing an online footprint of the brand – the real test comes in positioning the brand name through various optimization and advertising campaigns, a task that can be led by specialists in the domain.

Let’s take a look at how an Internet strategy company like SLAM Strategy develops a company’s gTLD brand:

Retailing online
A major requirement for online businesses remains generating online visibility and boosting sales. This includes driving traffic to the website by showing up on clients’ search results and further converting potential customer visits into actual sales.

Specialists who understand online retail business can help companies devise specific online strategies that fit well with the business’ needs, and draws customers who visit the site to purchase the website’s product or service offerings – and keep them coming back for more!

Online optimisation
Is your online business model a success? Are you getting the maximum traffic and does your online sale correspond linearly with the number of customers who visit your website?

These are questions that many businesses struggle to answer clearly. It is, however, the role of specialists in Internet strategy to analyse the dynamics of an online business and suggest a strategy that addresses the following concerns:
• The best method for a website to function
• Key elements that will deliver the highest return of investment
• The right internet strategy for the business’ needs

For example, the Internet strategy specialist team at SLAM Strategy analyses the keyword functioning and ranking for their client’s website and suggest the right keywords in that domain along with creating optimisation strategies to ensure that the website improves its online visibility for the products and services it provides.

Along with implementing top level domains, an effective SEO strategy will build a strong website that attracts customers on search engines and places it ahead of the competition.

Online advertising
Your brand top level domain name can reach its target customers through strategic online advertising campaigns. The AdWords specialists at SLAM work with businesses to improve campaign efficiency and draw maximum results. In fact, being a Google AdWords certified partner has ensured that the company has the best advertising practices in place for branded TLD campaigns.

Online marketing
The final aim for including a brand top level domain name is to draw maximum profitability while increasing a brand’s global footprint. This is where Internet marketing strategy and implementation comes into play, and drives the return of investment in online marketing.

Therefore, while gTLD domains allow your business to gain a distinct identity on the Internet, they must be implemented strategically for maximum visibility and return of investment. Identifying the right Internet marketing strategy, devising TLD marketing and advertising campaigns and gaining exposure through the correct usage of social media channels are just some solutions that an Internet marketing company can help your business with.

Have you made the right investment for your business yet?

gTLD stands for generic Top Level Domain and is an Internet top level domains such as.com, net or.org. Right now there are roughly two dozen gTLDs, but soon, there could be hundreds. Any established entity located anywhere in the world can apply to form and operate a new gTLD Registry.

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