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5 Benefits of VPS Hosting That You Should Know

5 Benefits of VPS Hosting That You Should Know


By Ammara Ghani – 

VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server” which stores data in the form of a virtual machine and where hosting is done by segregating main physical servers into plenty of virtual servers. Confused? OK, let me explain all this in a jargon free language. In simple words, it is a kind of hosting which works as a bridge between shared and dedicated web hosting giving you the benefit of a low price like a shared server and full control like a dedicated server. Take an example of a condo in which you own your space but still have to share some communal assets, same goes with the VPS hosting where you are the landlord of your own space but still enjoy the amenities of a shared server community.

Today, more and more businesses are choosing VPS hosting for their hosting needs, what are the various reasons of its growing popularity, let’s have a look at some of its leading advantages.

Full User Control:

Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting offers a lot more control over the space you own and over some of the server resources as well. It comes with a root access and the ability to use scripts which is not allowed if you are on a shared server. There are absolutely no restrictions and you can configure your server the way you wish like installing your preferred control panel and other softwares whereas a shared hosting plan doesn’t provide this much control and authority.

Flexibility and Scalability:

These are two other advantages of VPS hosting which trigger users to go for a virtual server. Whatever your individual needs are, you buy and pay for only what you actually need as all the VPS plans can be customized according to individual needs. By scalability, it means that you can take a start at minimum price with few resources and when you feel that you are running out of resources, you can ask to add the virtual resources like vCPUs and RAM and its pretty simply just like a reboot. Also, you can frequently add additional disk space on the fly.

Reliable Performance:

This type of hosting comes with an advantage of better performance. Unlike a shared server, all the hosted sites are powered by adequate CPU resources, memory and bandwidth so users rarely face any downtime. Besides, as discussed earlier, a VPS user has more control and root access, so he can use this particular merit of VPS hosting to enhance the performance of its server also.

Enhanced Security:

VPS hosting is considered a safer option because it has the ability to install custom and strict firewalls. Shared hosting, on the other hand is risky because of the neighbouring websites, if any of those sites receive a security threat, all the other sites on the same server are likely to receive threads. Also, you will be having a unique IP address, so there are absolutely no chances of being blacklisted which mostly happens on a shared hosting plan where users sharing the one mail service are often blacklisted even when they are not guilty.

Cost Effectiveness:

Unlike a dedicated hosting plan, VPS comes with the advantage of a cheap price which makes it an affordable option for many web masters. The resources almost match with a dedicated server and price with a shared server, so it is a best choice for medium size enterprises that need more resources but are facing some financial constraints.

Overall, a VPS hosting plan comes with all those features and qualities which are essential for the growth of your business, however, it is always wise to examine all the available option before you pick one.

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