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Why it’s now essential for small business to have a website

Why it’s now essential for small business to have a website


By DomainTree –

A recent Australian Bureau of statistics report has revealed that as many as six out of every 10 Small Businesses still don’t have any online presence and are missing out on a piece of the billions dollar online market up for grabs.

The reasons cited for not having a website are many and varied, but the perception that creating a website and setting up an online presence id difficult couldn’t be further from the truth. Where once you may have required a in depth knowledge of coding, thi is no longer the case and you can now create a website with no coding experience at all.

1. Domain Name

Getting online starts with choosing a domain name. A domain name is like a telephone number. People type your domain name into a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox and the internet looks up that address and directs the customers to your website.

The first step is deciding which domain you want to use and never has there been as much choice when choosing a domain name as there is right now. Only a couple of years ago the choices were limited to the classic domains such as .COM or .NET, but now we have have hundreds of new options to choose from. At DomainTree, we call these new options ‘Descriptive Domains’ and they include a plethora of options ranging from .CLUB to .PLUMBING and everything in between. Their introduction has opened up a vast new opportunity for business to communicate to customers what it is their business does and what it is about.

Choosing a domain name is the first step in getting your business online. To be effective your chosen domain name should do the following things:  convey your business name, convey what it is that your business does and what is the geographical location that your business operates in.

If your business operates only within your own country or even within your own city, you may consider using either a country code domain such as  .CA for Canada or .CO.NZ for New Zealand. If your business concentrates on just your local area, you might consider either using a local descriptive domain such as .BERLIN, .PARIS or .LONDON. Alternatively you might look to use one of the latest descriptive domains such as .COFFEE, .CATERING or .ACCOUNTANTS.

Most domain registrations have a minimum 1 Year registration, but there are some country code domains such as .COM.AU that have a minimum  of 2 years registration, so it’s important to look at this when making a decision. The classic domains such as .COM and .NET will often be considerably less expensive to register, however the chances of getting the domain you after is considerably lower than it is for the newer descriptive domains as most of the poular choices have already been exhausted. While the descriptive domains may appear to be a more expensive option at first glance, they often have large marketing campaigns behind them to help with thier promotion and there’s also the SEO advantage to consider. If you’ve chosen a .PLUMBING domain and a customer is searching Google for a plumber, you have a much better chance of your business appearing in the top search results.

2. Hosting

The next step is choosing what type of hosting to go with. The most commonly used hosting option for small business is Shared Hosting. This is when you buy a portion of space on a server that is shared by whole heap of other businesses. This is more than sufficient for the majority of small business customers with average traffic and even if you do need to upgrade to your own server at at a later time, this is a relatively easy task to complete. At DomainTree we will help you with this task if you ever need assistance and the majority of web hosts will have similar policies.

3. Website

The final task is choosing the website that you want to implement. There are a range of options available to help you make this as easy as possible. At DomainTree we are great supporters of WordPress and use this for our own website. WordPress is an open source platform that allow you to either design your site from scraatch if you have the necessary know how, or like the majority of users, you can choose to purchase a Web Theme from a web theme provider such as our friends at Themeforest which provide a developed website template that you just need to update with your own business details and offers.

If you’re really not that confident with your ability to set this up on your own, you may like to start off with something a little more basic like our NEW Web Site Builder Plans which provide you with a range of templates that you start off with and then just drag and drop the content into the position on the website that you want it to appear in. Our plans include FREE web Hosting and if you subscribe for 12 Months or more, we even include a FREE Classic domain to get you started.

Getting online has never been more important. People Google Search the type of business they are looking for. If you’re not online, you’re even getting consideration.




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