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How To Sell Domain Names

How To Sell Domain Names

By Mutura Nganga –

It’s common to find people with so many domain names. The unfortunate thing is that many people don’t use the domain names. If you have domain names that you are not using, do you know that you can make money from them?

Yes, you can and all you need to do is to learn how to sell them. If interested in selling the domains, here are tips that will help you out.

Before you decide on selling the domain, you need to ensure that the domain name that you have is of high quality and it will attract potential buyers. A high quality domain should be short, rare, and easy to remember.

When buying domains with the hope of reselling them, you should stay away from those holding the non.com inventory (such as .org, .net, and .biz). This is because these domains tend to be less marketable.

Once you have a high quality domain, you should go ahead and put into action the following tips:

Display “for sale” message on the domain’s home page

It has been shown that many domain name buyers search their domain names by typing their preferred name in their web browser. If the name is already taken, the buyers will most likely visit the website bearing their preferred name.

Since there are high chances that potential buyers will visit your site, you should clearly indicate on your home page that you are selling the domain. In addition to indicating that the domain is on sale, you should also give your contacts to make it easy for the buyers to reach you.

Sell domains directly to buyers

If you know people who buy and sell domains, you should contact them and ask them if they are willing to buy your domains. Many people tend to make the mistake of selling their domains to middlemen, which is wrong.

Instead of selling your domains to middlemen, you should contact the buyers directly. This is because you will get more profit by doing this.

Sell the domains through auction sites

Selling domain names through auction sites is such a great idea. This is because many people tend to visit auction sites in search of products to buy. To increase the chances of your offer being seen by many people, it’s highly recommended that you advertise your domain in the auction sites.

Don’t hide behind WHOIS privacy

When selling your domain, you should not make the mistake of hiding behind WHOIS privacy service. This is because it confuses potential buyers as they don’t know who they should contact in order to make purchase inquiries. If the WHOIS is optimized by your domain registrar, you should ask him to remove it.

Use “charm pricing” when selling the domain

Charm pricing has been shown to be very effective in converting customers; therefore, you should use it to the maximum. If your domain is worth $2,000, you should consider pricing it at $1,999 or $1,998. A potential buyer will be highly attracted to the $1,999 and $1,998 domain compared to the $2,000 domain.

Always respond promptly to purchase inquiries

Just like in any other business, you should always respond promptly to any purchase inquiries made by a buyer. It’s recommended that you respond to the inquiry within 24 hours, but if possible, you should respond within an hour.

This is because if you don’t respond in time, the buyer may find another domain which will result to you losing a sale.


If you consider the sales tips listed above, you will greatly increase the odds of domain selling, and who knows? You could be the next mega millionaire!

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