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Shared Web Hosting Concept Explained

Shared Web Hosting Concept Explained

By Ian Robey –

The Concept of Shared Web Hosting

Sharing is a rewarding concept as it provides a person with goods or services at an affordable cost. Shared web hosting works on the same idea as it allows customers to share a server with many other websites. It is funny but something as dry as a server can actually be divided like a piece of cake and the portions or sections can then be leased to users who pay rent to use the services delivered by the provider.

Shared web hosting can be very affordable as typically one has to shell out about $100 or more each month to rent a dedicated server. However, this cost can go down to as low as $5 per month if customers choose to share the server. Cost is not the only reason why many businesses prefer to choose shared web hosting; making a decision to share the server also reduces complexity associated with dedicated hosting. It is important to be technically sound if you are choosing dedicated hosting since the provider will not always be around to help you decide optimal technical configurations.

This time-consuming and often confusing task is no longer yours when you sign up for shared web hosting, but rather it becomes the responsibility of the hosting provider. Once you are free from these mundane and obviously confusing tasks you can focus on more interesting aspects of your online business, such as how to generate traffic for your new website or how to make the website attractive to prospective clients.

Free Outsourcing of Server Management and Maintenance

Businesses across the world regularly use outsourcing to get their work done on time and do jobs they don’t want to spend manpower on. Outsourcing server management and maintenance is a good idea, and normally shared hosting providers offer this service free of cost along with other services included in the package.

There are many jobs to attend to if you are choosing a dedicated server and this includes arranging for data backups, updating the operating system and other server applications, regular monitoring of network security and many other tasks. All these important tasks become the responsibility of the service provider when you choose shared web hosting as they take care of server management and maintenance on behalf of all the customers sharing the server. Customers are also free from arranging technicians to rectify server malfunctions or getting their equipment checked periodically.

Ideal for Small Businesses

Shared web hosting is ideal for small businesses that want to run a small website and do not want to include flashy and comprehensive features meant for corporate websites such as AT&T or Apple. If you simply need a space to express your creative ideas or run a small cake shop you should not invest in a dedicated plan but explore options in the shared web hosting domain.

It is easy to manage a shared hosting account as service providers normally offer a user-friendly control panel that includes many tools to help you upload, configure and edit your website and files through your browser. The best part is that you don’t have to be a tech geek to do all this, as the graphical user interface or the control panel can be used by those who are new in the web development arena. Going for a shared web hosting service does not mean you are stuck with it forever as you can always upgrade to a dedicated server in the future once your website becomes popular or your small business begins to bring in the desired profits.

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